In the Heart of Sutton Place

Sutton Cafe:

Feeding the neighborhood for over 30 years.


Sutton Cafe continues to be the most popular eatery serving the Sutton Place area for over 30 years. It is the only dinner/cafe in the Sutton Place area, and a favorite for great delivery. We offer free delivery from 49th to 66th Streets.

Need a break from home or work? Join us in our comfortable space on 1st avenue, between 56 and 57th Streets. We are family friendly, offer free WIFI, and open late.

Our Neighborhood:

One of the most affluent residences in the entire country. Sutton Place overlooks the East River, with iconic vistas of the 59th Street/Queensboro Bridge. As seen in countless films, including Woody Allen's "Manhattan".

The small enclave has been home to historical families the like Kennedy's, Vanderbuilts, and notables like Marlyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, Governor Mario Cuomo, Michael Jackson, designer Kenneth Cole, and so many more.

The Tourist Destination:

Tourists flocking to this area will find many things to see and do. The numerous small parks along Sutton Place that overlook the East River are a popular place to picnic. And Sutton Cafe is happy to cater your outing.

Just a couple of blocks north, starting at the 59th Street Bridge is the southern entrance to the "East River Esplanade". It's a wonderful path along the river that runs all the way up into Harlem. Another great reason to pack a picnic from Sutton Cafe!

At 59th and Second Avenue is the famous Roosevelt Island Tramway. A cable lift that takes you on a sky-scraper high ride over to the quaint Roosevelt Island. This is a great escape for tourists and local residents alike. And another good reason to pack some food, as the offerings on the island are sparse.

A few steps outside of the residential Sutton Place is the epicenter of shopping. With the original Bloomingdales, Barney's, and Bergdorf-Goodman's all within a few minutes walk.

Just south is the equally beautiful Beekman Place, and the United Nations just below that.

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Sutton Place Area, Then and Now. Just a few blocks from the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan, the Sutton Place area is a hidden jewel of the city, with iconic structures and residences, and calming vistas along the East River. Sutton Cafe is happy to serve this area.

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