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What Our Customers Say

“...the Nova was buttery."

Deborah G

★★★☆ / 215 orders /


“Good neighborhood diner."

Al Cohen

★★★★☆ /


“Exactly what I ordered and
delivered quickly."

Jacob J

★★★☆ / 50 orders /


“Service is always good and
never had a bad meal."

Christina Roman

★★★★☆ /


“I'm a regular at this old-school diner because the food is good and the service is quick. I know and like the owner and the staff. Never had a bad meal."

Adrian Stewart

★★★★★ /

“Brunch was the bomb. Service
was good..."

Tyler Alexander

★★★★☆ /


“I really like this diner. They are fast and friendly. The food is good. :)

The owner is nice. I recommend people to come here."

A Google User

★★★★☆ /


“...a solid breakfast. I come here when I'm in the area for work. I keep it simple, eggs over easy with bacon and toast. Hits the spot every time. Breakfast comes with coffee that's actually not bad, and refills for free."

Paul T.

★★★★☆ /


“Food was fine and came exactly as ordered."

Carrie B.

★★★★★ /

“My father... asked for his bacon crispy (which few restaurants actually do) - and he loved it! The tuna was great, the bacon was hot, crispy, and fresh, and the toast was toasted very well. He also got fries which were hot, fresh, and not very oily, an A+ all around ... My mom went for the caesar salad with chicken, and claimed it's one of the best salads she's had (it was certainly large...)."

Nikki R.

★★★★☆ /


“Great neighborhood "Diner". The servers are attentive. This was the 3rd or 4th time I was here and have loved everything I have gotten so far. The meatloaf and the paninis are fresh and really scrumptious. The serving sizes are generous."

Michelle E.

★★★★☆ /

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